In Memoriam · Jerry Hendin

Co-founder of BHK Crisis Communications

Jerry Hendin

28 July 1944 – 13 February 2021

Recently we lost our colleague and co-founder, Jerry Hendin. Jerry was far more than the "H" in BHK. He was a partner, confidante, an encouraging and inspiring colleague and dear friend who was always generous with his wisdom and concern.

Jerry had over 40 years of experience working with companies around the world, helping them build and protect their reputations and was a pioneer in the art of crisis communications. During his time as Vice President Communications at Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, Jerry wrote the air transport industry’s first manual on how to communicate during a crisis. 

Over his long and successful career, which culminated in establishing BHK with us, Jerry trained more than 40 airlines and other businesses in crisis communications and provided counsel and support to many more, including governments, corporates and other entities both within and beyond air transport. 

Jerry made an indelible mark on our particular profession and in his community. We will always remember him and he will be sorely missed by his devoted family, loved ones, friends and those whose lives he touched.

Barbara Kracht & Linden Birns