The problem with blogs

Jerry Hendin

Ever since the Russian Metrojet went down in Egypt last week, I have been writing blogs to see if I could shed some light on the tragedy...but before I hit the "send" button on each one, something changed.  And it keeps changing 

All of which does not stop people from commenting on TV or blogging or tweeting...which only adds to the speculation and confusion.  In an hurry to come to conclusions about clause, however, we sometimes downplay the loss of the 224 people who died in this terrible tragedy.

The cause of the crash has evolved from a "theory" about a bomb to a "strong possibility" to an "a 99 percent certainty" that it was a bomb to "a mysterious sound that was heard on the cockpit recorder in the final second".

There were early reports that an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group had hit it with a missile, that someone had placed a bomb on board, that there was "chatter" among ISIS operatives and that a Thomson Airway jet flying over the area had narrowly missed being hit by a missile a month ago.

Then there was conflicting information about which authorities knew what and why they were not sharing the information with the Egyptian investigatory team.  And that the Russians have agreed to work with the American FBI to determine cause.

Airlines have stopped flying to and over Sharm el Sheik and there are tens of thousands of tourists are still stranded in the resort area.

There are clearly very serious issues about security and terrorism but, for the moment, I am going to stop and say a prayer for the families of the passengers and the crew who perished in the accident.

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