Let’s defy terrorism by continuing to fly

Barbara Kracht

The recent tragic terrorist attacks in Paris and, just two weeks earlier, the bombing of the Metrojet A320 over the Sinai follow a series of other such attacks since the beginning of the year in different parts of the world. These acts may lead some to stop travelling. They may lead others to think that closing borders may be a solution to prevent such horrible attacks. This will, in my humble opinion, not solve the problem as the terrorists are very often nationals of the country where the attacks have taken place...

Sure this is war, but a different kind of war than those which prevailed up until the middle of the 20th century. This one requires a lot of “intelligence”, cooperation between states and above all increased security measures, so as to prevent the terrorist acts to be executed.

But none of all this should prevent us from continuing to travel and fly around the world as we have done over the past decades with increasing freedom. We should not forget that, beyond the pleasure of enjoying sunshine on a beautiful island while there is winter at home, air travel has greatly contributed to us all getting to know different people, different cultures, different ways of doing things and hence enriching us all. Also, when you get to know your neighbour, you understand him or her better By travelling, yesterday’s neighbouring enemies can become friends. Agreed, over the past 70 years, there have been a number of regional conflicts, but no such world cataclysms as the ones which did cost tens of millions of lives on all sides. And in my humble opinion, air travel has also contributed to that.

So, yes definitely, increased security measures have to be implemented to ensure safe travel. There should be even greater intelligence sharing amongst countries to combat terrorism. But let’s continue to travel, let’s continue to enjoy the pleasure of going abroad and getting to know different people, countries and cultures, and making new friends. Let’s not unnecessarily close borders, let’s not surrender to obscurantism, but let’s defy terrorism by continuing to fly.